Women in Fabric

These works explore the idea of voyeurism, the male gaze, and the prevalence of sexualised
imagery of women in contemporary media. The forms within the compositions are originally
from newspapers, magazines, and social media sites, which uphold the idea of woman as
passive object; existing for the purpose of being looked at.

A huge influence for these pieces was the site www.headlesswomenofhollywood.com, on
which comedian and writer Marcia Belsky collates Hollywood film posters that
metaphorically decapitate women, rendering them mere “headless” objects used to frame
the faces of the male protagonists.

The paintings are a product of my attempt to dignify these images through the techniques
that I use: I deliberately incorporate sewing and fabric to explore the cultural histories and
crafts traditionally associated with women. Through these connotations, I work to empower
the female body, reproducing it onto canvas through my own female gaze.


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